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Our story


The Cottage Bakery was started by Mr. Frank Brown, a Winnipeg man who had a love for fresh baking that would go onto becoming his life's work. Despite challenging times and humble beginnings, he fought through adversity and grew the business to a point where it was a well known name in Winnipeg.

The Esfahanis took over the Cottage Bakery in 2005, becoming the 4th family to own the business. Peyman Esfahani (Owner/Head Baker) applied all of his previous baking knowledge to maintain the clientele that had supported the business for years, while also trying to expand the offering, all while his wife (and co-owner) Ronak took on the management duties of the business with everything to lose. With both of them logging countless 60 hour weeks, they steered the business in the right direction and and moved the business down to the corner of Pembina highway and Dowker avenue. 


The short distance move proved to be effective, as they implemented a cafe side to cater to the growing demand of sandwiches and coffee in the neighbourhood. People fell in love with the idea that they could have a sandwich on fresh, home made bread, while having the luxury to also enjoy their favourite authentic desserts and coffee afterwards.

After 18 hard fought years, Peyman and Ronak set their eyes to expansion once again, this time, with the help of their son Ali. The trio took over the old Bake Oven on Edison Avenue in North Kildonan, nearly a 25 minute drive from the original Fort Garry location. After a long summer of renovations, The Cottage Bakery and Eatery opened its doors on September 30th, 2023 hosting a magical grand opening that saw hundreds of friends, family, and new neighbours flock in to try the scratch baked goods and other food offerings.

"We are so grateful to each and every one of you who have kept warm under our roof and supported our business all these years. You are the reason why we do what we do!"

-The Cottage Bakery management

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